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My name is Mr. Somroob Robkob but everybody calls me Ing. I have been a private taxi driver in Bangkok from more than 10 years and I know all the places and streets of the city but also all the surroundings. I pick-up my customers at any time and from anywhere and bring them where ever they want and all over the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Bangkok Suvanarbhumi International Airport

If you are coming from abroad your plane will land at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Hundreds of planes are landing and taking off each day and if we don't agree a meeting point we will never find each other!

Depending at what time your plane will land, it may take a very long time to reach our meeting point.

If you are travelling in Economy Class, you will have to reach the immigration. Count between 5 to 10 minutes to get there. If you are lucky, it can be very fast. If not, if there are other big planes landing at the same time, the waiting can be long, very long. In the worse case it will take about an hour to pass the immigration.

If you are travelling in Business Class, you will not have to wait so long at the immigration. You will get a Fast Lane voucher at your arrival. Keep it and walk to the Fast Lane immigration, it's something like 50 meters from the normal immigration. The waiting time is normally very short, it can't exceed 20 minutes in the worse case.

Once the immigration passed, you will collect your luggage. It doesn't take so long time to get them, they are normally very fast. 
If you don't have Thai currency with you, take advantage of the waiting time for your luggage to change some money. You will not get the best rate at the airport but it's better to have few hundreds Thai Bahts with you if you want to buy some refreshments or food during your trip.
I can also bring you to a bank if you need to exchange more. Don't be scared to ask me!

Now you have collected your luggage, pass the customs and go directly to the gate 3 (the arrival is at the 2nd floor and the departures at the 4th floor). I will be waiting here with your name on a panel. Don't be surprised to see lots of other drivers waiting for their guests!

Ing waiting for you at the airport

Arrival floor and meeting point, gate 3:


Departure floor:


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Sawadee Koh Chang

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Best Western Premier Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport is at only 10 minutes by taxi (a bit more with there own free shuttle) from the airport. Spa, swimming-pool, fitness center, bar, restaurant, parking and spacious rooms.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

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